Customer Experience

Providing excellent customer experience is a cornerstone of Duck philosophy.

Annoying types of emails.
In this, I write about some of the most quack annoying types of emails.

Why seamless digital support is the future of customer service
Learn how seamless digital support can help you provide a better customer experience.

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7 tips for improving your customer service
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Negative reviews can be a good thing for your business. Read on to find out why.

Keeping employees happy: Top benefits you can offer
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Social media customer service best practices: 5 helpful tips
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Elevating customer experience: 5 trends every brand should get on
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How to respond to customer inquiries: The dos and don’ts of customer

Learn about some of the best practices in effectively handling customer inquiries online.

Why customer response time matters and how to improve it
Speed matters when responding to customer inquiries. Find out how you can improve your customer response time.

Improve customer experience with a mobile-first approach
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6 tips on acing every customer interaction
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Customer retention: How to maintain customer loyalty in the digital era
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Improve user experience with a faster and more responsive website
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Top tips in delivering a top-notch digital customer experience
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Customer dissatisfaction: How to deal with angry customers online
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How a seamless shopping experience influences sales and conversions
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