Annoying types of emails.

Emails are a significant part of our lives, and they help us in passing across all sorts of messages to our friends, work colleagues, and generally anyone we need to convey a message. However, as good as they might be, sometimes email can be quite annoying depending on the email, who is sending it, the type of message it’s carrying, and how the message is written. Here are some of the types that are annoying in emails and why they are such a bother to us.

  1. Spam emails.
    by far these are the most unanimously hated types of emails, spam emails are generally any unwanted emails sent to you by companies usually for advertisement purpose, their content is general in nature which is half the reason they are annoying as people tend to take their emails very personal hence don’t take it well when you are trying to advertise content in their own space. The other half is that they usually come in bulk, filling our inboxes with unnecessary junk. They are hard to contain and thus very irritable to most people.
  1. False urgent email.
    When writing a time-sensitive email, people mark it as “urgent” so that it may catch the eye of the recipient sooner. Some people, however, like to misuse this advantage and label all their emails urgent, from the notifications to birthday parties. These types of emails are such mood turn-offs as one is usually expecting an important message when opening urgent mails. A caution to anyone who is used to this behavior your mails will one day be ignored when you have an actual urgent mail
  1. The unnecessary cc emails.
    Have you ever received an email that sounded important on the subject liner, and when you finally open its contents, have absolutely nothing to do with you or half of the people in the carbon copy list? These emails can get on one’s nerve being stuck in other people’s agendas while you have no business there. They are a waste of time and can make you feel useless, mainly if the email was being addressed to your superiors at work.
  1. The shouting emails.
    These types of emails are usually typed in capital letters the entire text, some people dare to put them in bold. When you open these types of mail, you can almost feel the person who wrote them shouting, especially if the message is instructions. These messages can get annoying when received as they portray the picture of one can’t see. It’s even worse if the message is not as important as the sender is making it seem.

  1. The half emails.
    Have you ever opened an email you have received, and on reading the message, you find out that the message was incomplete, they hit the send button too early. These emails are
    not just annoying but also mentally draining. They are a waste of time, then later, you find another email with the rest of the content, and now you have to join the two like a jigsaw puzzle to get the message. Half emails can cause major misunderstandings in the work area for no good reason

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