Why your business should install solar power?

The earth receives enough sun to supply the electricity for a year to the whole world in just one hour. Unlike fossil fuels, which must be mined and burned, solar panels do not require a considerable amount of resources and capital. Anyone can buy and install solar panels to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight. You can even make your own solar generator. In addition, solar energy allows you to make significant savings on your electricity bill in the long term.

Are you considering the installation of solar panels for your business, but you are not sure if you fit the conditions? Are you wondering if a photovoltaic installation is a wise investment? Read on to find out more about installing solar power for your business.

 So that that leave the big question.

Why should your business go solar?

Reason #1 – Security and Independence

With a PV installation, you generate your own electricity from an inexhaustible and free source of energy: the sun. Today’s solar panels have a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years, but in most cases, they go well beyond that, up to 45 years. During all these years, you can be sure that you have a guaranteed amount of electricity for your own consumption at a fixed price (i.e., the initial investment and annual maintenance costs). You are, therefore, completely independent of all possible price variations on the energy market and concerning distribution tariffs. That’s why you want to contact a solar panel install company today.

Solar panels on top of a business providing power.

Reason #2 – Guaranteed Return on Investment

While the authorities have severely limited the tax and financial benefits for individuals, this is much less the case for businesses:

You benefit from a tax deduction of 36% + state credits, equaling up to 40% of your investment.

Unlike individuals, you are entitled to green certificates for the electricity you generate with your solar panels. Their number and value depend on the region where your business is located. During times when you produce more energy than you consume, you sell that surplus.

The payback period of your investment depends on your installation and where your company is located, but on average solar panels pay off fully after 6 to 12 years. Long before, they need to be replaced. From that point on, you generate your own electricity for free. In other words, your return on investment is largely guaranteed.

Reason #3 – Green image – Decrease in carbon footprint

Solar panels emit absolutely no CO 2 or other dangerous substances, and the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. This makes solar energy one of the most sustainable forms of energy. Indeed, fossil fuels are often used for the production and transportation of panels. Today’s panels produce in less than two years more energy than they will need during their remaining lifespan. By installing solar panels, you are simply contributing to a better environment.
An international study indicates that both consumers and job applicants are attaching more and more important to the sustainable image of a company. With solar panels, you make your ecological commitment very visible.

Reason #4 – Save money on your electricity bill.

By installing solar panels, you will significantly reduce the number of your monthly electricity bills and your dependence on the electricity grid. This energy autonomy protects you from the increase in the cost of electricity and the volatility of fuel prices. With analysts predicting continued increases in the price of electricity, solar power is an affordable solution and a long-term investment in your future.

Reason #5 – Low maintenance.

Solar panels are known for generally being very durable and long lasting. Most manufacturers warranty the workmanship of their panels for 10 years, but some provide a warranty that lasts for 25 years. Some companies offer solar panel replacement services, but they are infrequently needed.

The Bottom Line

The above reasons are enough to convince you why your business should install solar power. Moreover, they will help you to make the right decision. You can’t switch your business to solar power in one day, but going solar is surely worthy. So take the right step to have your business go solar with this little green contribution that can have a huge impact on the earth in this technological era.