Marketing for eSports

How to market your eSports team

The world of competitive gaming also known as eSports is excelling to remarkable heights. The industry is beginning to compete with traditional sports in terms of audience interest and viewership. At the time of this writing, eSports has exceeded over $1 billion in terms of revenue [1] and it is expected to attract over 490 million people in 2020 [2]. These figures are urging the formation of new eSports teams but they need to market themselves correctly if they want to stand out in the world of competitive gaming.

ESports viewership is constantly going up.

Like in any other discipline, attracting the interest of the eSports community requires proficient and clever marketing campaigns. If you want to be amongst the big names in the business then here are some useful insights on how to market your eSports team.

Create a Uniform Advertising Presence

It all starts with a strategy. At the very beginning, the organization should focus on the creation of a uniform and distinctive advertising presence. What do we mean by that? Very simple: the name of your team and the design of your logo. You should have a very catchy name and a club logo that is the foundation of your brand identity. Then promote your name on social media platforms with digital marketing.

Focus on Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential tool in establishing your organization in the eSports industry. You should blog about the latest trends and facts regarding the world of gaming. This will help you earn a loyal fan following.

You should also post about your team activities so that the people are aware of your movement. Your organization should not be hesitant to collaborate with influencers to promote your brand through their channels.

Identify the Right Channels

Once you have attracted the attention of eSports enthusiasts, you should pay close attention to where they spend their time. Some of the most popular platforms are Gosu Gamers, Bigo Live, Azubu, Hitbox, and Twitch. You can easily find the user count of these platforms and target your audience when it is most active. You should develop your organization’s profile on all these channels. This will only boost your business and promote your team’s identity.

Evaluate and Revise Your Strategy

The entire concept of eSports organization marketing is worthless if it doesn’t meet your goals. So, it is only logical to properly assess your campaign. The organization should set realistic expectations, particularly if your team is just starting out in the eSports business.

If you are expecting a high ROI, then we recommend you to create video ads. It might cost you some cash to run these ads on Twitch, but it will surely give fruitful returns. No matter what happens you should monitor your campaign every step of the way and don’t hesitate to re-evaluate your strategy.

These are some of the most basic elements that you should include in marketing your eSports team/organization. Since it is not an easy job to set yourself in this growing but extremely competitive industry.