Email Marketing

How Email Marketing is a tool to improve your business.

Building a good relationship with your clients is a vital task for any business company that wants to improve and gain a reliable customer base. A good strategy to achieve that is to maintain proper Email Marketing etiquette.

What could I mean when I say etiquette? How does that apply to email marketing? Well, it’s simple.

Some people consider the utility of properly written and personalized emails are old fashioned, however, it has been shown that they are one of the most powerful marketing channels with a greater chance of customer conversion than social media. Here are some of the reasons that make Email Marketing one of the greatest marketing strategies for big and small companies. Additionally, I am including some tips to create good Email Marketing.

High return on investment.

The statistics obtained from the Direct Marketing Association, state that with the proper usage of email marketing, a company can gain $40 for every $1 invested into it. This is one of the highest ROI (Return On Investment) reported for any marketing channel.

Improve brand engagement rate.

The effectiveness of well-designed Emails can help you share a direct line with your target clients. This medium allows including content other than text, therefore it can be really appealing with images, videos, and even coupons and links to your website products. This certainly serves as a potential way to include promotions and new arrivals information and there is a high chance of the clients interacts and brand awareness and sales improvement are achieved.

Use automation the right way.

You can automate your replies to the emails you send out, but doing so the wrong way can really alienate the people who actually take the time to reply to you. Use a service like OwlReply to automate your emails.

Increase the number of mobile customers.

Mobile customers play an important role when using Email Marketing, the main reason for this is the constant interaction they are used to keep with their email accounts, especially through notifications and alerts. On top of that, the numbers of mobile users just keep increasing so it is safe to assume that this opens a new panorama of marketing strategies available for each time the user takes a look at their cellphone. Why not make the best out of it?

Some tips to start your Email Marketing campaign

  1. Creating a mailing list

This is the first step, you need to create an email list big enough to use the emails in a productive way. To build your mailing list you need to establish previously an agreement interaction with the customer, otherwise, they will react negatively to your emails since they didn’t agree to receive that content in the first place.

  1. Delimitate your email list into specific groups

Using different parameters such as age, geographic location, and previous sales, it is possible to delimitate different groups. This will serve to adapt the emails sent to these groups in the most personalized way, increasing the effectiveness of the media.

  1. Define the objectives of your email marketing

Before you start sending emails to all your customers, you need to establish your goals and create and strategy to achieve them. Not all email designs are effective for the same outcome, depending on if you want to increase your sales, increase your brand awareness, or just keep contact with regular clients.